HR Compliance Made Simple

VirgilHR is an easy-to-use interactive technology that lets you ask your important HR compliance questions in real time.

Our team of attorneys developed a powerful, all-in-one solution that helps keep HR compliant and up-to-date with employment and labor laws across the country.

“I am loving the system so far! I have already used the chatbot several times and the time I was able to save was priceless!”


We make compliance
easily actionable for you.

VirgilHR is both vastly functional and extremely simple.

Our smart chatbot determines legal requirements for your day-to-day HR tasks with the click of a button.

Interactive Guides

Resource Center

Ongoing Expertise

4300+ employment and labor laws exist in the US

VirgilHR’s software analyzes which federal, state, and local laws apply to your tasks to help you stay compliant and save time on legal research.

1:10 employers is sued every year by their employees

VirgilHR’s prescriptive compliance solution provides you with step-by-step instructions on what needs to be done to remain compliant with all applicable laws, mitigating risk and liability for your organization.

US employers spend over $19B a year on outside legal counsel

With prescriptive legal guidance and a host of resources, you can reduce the need to consult with labor and employment attorneys and control legal costs.

VirgilHR's Resource Center

In addition to our smart chatbot, we also offer a host of HR Compliance resources.

Employee Handbook Builder

Quickly and affordably create a compliant Employee Handbook for your organization, with easy access to federal, state, and local policy templates.

Multi-State Comparison Tool

With the Multi-state Comparison Tool, you can quickly compare laws in different jurisdictions with a side-by-side state comparison chart highlighting relevant topics.
“VirgilHR is an excellent one-stop-shop tool for any multi-state employer.”


Policies and Forms

We offer a variety of policy templates at the general, federal, state, and local level, along with a host of form templates, ranging from accommodation requests to investigation reports.

Legal Updates

On a regular basis, you receive notifications of employment and labor law changes that will be relevant to you and your organization.

Compliance FAQs

You have access to a library with thousands of commonly asked questions on a range of topics from parental leave, to pay equity, to termination requirements.

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