How to Cultivate a Culture of Ethics and Compliance

From Uber’s privacy intrusions to Wells Fargo’s fraudulent sales practices – misconducts seem to linger within every organization. Despite putting several policies and procedures in place, why do organizations continue to relapse into corporate wrongdoings? The answer lingers somewhere along the lines of having an almost non-existent or weak compliance culture.

Sure, no company is perfect and the possibility of an “ethical utopia” doesn’t seem anywhere in sight. However, a robust culture of ethics brings down the non-compliance risks to a minimum. In fact, organizations stand to glean countless benefits from it. For starters, it helps keep exorbitant legal cases at bay, creates a shield against any bad reputation that may spring out from media or social media, helps create a healthy work environment, and avoids heavy losses when employees leave an unethical workforce.

In this whitepaper you will learn about:

  • The Building Blocks of a Compliance Culture
  • Leadership and Risk management Compliance Alignment
  • Implementing and Testing Effectiveness of Compliance Training
  • Harnessing the right technology and the right person to oversee compliance culture

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