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Your Real-Time Legal Compliance Assistant

Our Chatbot is an automated tool designed to provide HR professionals with real-time legal compliance guidance through a dialogue interface, all built and programmed by our team of in-house attorneys. This tool offers the resources you need to stay proactive, adapt your practices, and remain compliant, all while saving you time to focus on other tasks. 

The Chatbot is an automated system that analyzes thousands of legal requirements on topic areas such as Leave, Employee Classification, Terminations, Accommodations and more, at the federal, state, and local level. Our legal team constantly updates our system to ensure that the information you receive is always up-to-date and accurate.

This feature provides you with:


Prescriptive Step-by-Step Guidance

You can ask the Chatbot a number of questions related to HR tasks, such as leave or accommodations, and the Chatbot will break down complex legal concepts into easily understandable actions, policies, and procedures. It analyzes applicable federal, state, and local laws to the question at hand and provides clear step-by-step instructions and legal guidance to help you maintain compliance.

Up-to-Date Legal Research

This feature taps into our comprehensive and up-to-date database of federal, state, and local employment and labor laws. It performs real-time legal research, cross-referencing your questions against relevant employment and labor regulations, legislation, policies, and more to provide accurate and current information and guidance. It prompts you for specific details, allowing for a more accurate analysis and tailored guidance.

Rich Documentation and Resources

You receive access to a wealth of documentation and resources to support you in your compliance efforts. The Chatbot offers FAQs, relevant articles, templates, documentation, and more, making it convenient and efficient to retrieve necessary information.

Time-Efficient Compliance Tasks

The Chatbot can significantly reduce your time and effort spent on compliance tasks, as it automates research, analysis, and guidance, providing instant and accurate responses. You can quickly obtain the information you need, enabling you to focus on other aspects of your role.

Trustworthy and Reliable Information

Our team of labor and employment attorneys source data from reputable legal resources, official government publications, and recognized legal authorities to direct the Chatbot’s analyses. You can rely on the Chatbot’s guidance, knowing that it is based on reliable and authoritative sources.

Real-Time Updates

Employment and labor laws are frequently changing, but the Chatbot keeps you informed. Our team of attorneys consistently update our proprietary database to ensure the Chatbot always delivers accurate, compliant data to you.
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VirgilHR Chatbot