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HR Professional’s Guide: Unconscious Bias Hasn’t Just “Gone Away” Since The Pandemic Started

For years, access to a professional setting has not been the only issue employees faced at work. Once in the workplace, employees have experienced unreceptive and alienating environments related to differences in age, gender, sexuality, appearance, nationality, socio-economic background, education, … Read More

An HR Professional’s Guide: COVID-19 Vaccine Exemptions

After the latest OSHA news, many HR professionals are still left scratching their heads as they attempt to manage exemptions from the COVID-19 vaccine. Some of these professionals are still required by their local jurisdiction to have such a policy, … Read More

An HR Professional’s Guide: COVID-19 After OSHA’s ETS

Just a few weeks ago, the Omicron variant was sweeping the nation and employers were reviewing COVID-19 workplace policies to ensure the work environment was safe and compliant with Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s (OSHA) Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS) — … Read More

Arbitration Agreements in California

For years, California employers have been struggling to understand whether or not they were permitted to use or require employees to sign mandatory arbitration agreements. Background The prohibition in California dates back to October 2019, when Governor Newsom signed Assembly … Read More

Changes for the New Year – California Family Rights Act (CFRA) And The DEFH’s Mediation Pilot Program

More changes are on the horizon for 2022! Are your HR professionals prepared?  In September 2021, California’s Governor Newsom signed AB 1033, bringing with it some notable changes for California employers: “Parent” Now Includes “Parents-In-Law” – Beginning January 1, 2022, … Read More

2022 Changes to Leave Laws

The year 2022 brings a lot of change to the leave law landscape, with four states and the District of Columbia passing new laws that will impact decisions employers make when planning for and approving leave. Though these new leave … Read More