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VirgilHR is a powerful all-in-one solution that helps HR professionals stay up-to-date and compliant with ever changing employment and labor laws in the United States.

We make compliance easy for you.


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4300+ employment and labor laws exist in the United States

VirgilHR’s software solution analyzes which federal, state, and local laws apply to your tasks to help you stay compliant and save time on legal research.

1:10 employers is sued every year by their employees

VirgilHR’s prescriptive compliance solution provides you with step-by-step instructions on what needs to be done to remain compliant with all applicable laws, mitigating risk and liability for your organization.

US employers spend over $14B a year on outside legal counsel

With prescriptive legal guidance and a host of resources, you can reduce the need to consult with labor and employment attorneys and control legal costs.

Determine legal requirements for your day-to-day HR tasks with our chatbot.

Provides guidance on federal, state, and local requirements and all aspects of onboarding.

Quickly and affordably create a compliant Employee Handbook for your organization.

Receive notifications of employement and labor law changes relevant to your organzation.

An employee classification tool that helps you determine whether an employee is exempt or non-exempt.

Quickly compare laws in different jurisdictions with an easy to read side-by-side state comparison chart.

Access to a library with thousands of commonly asked questions on a variety of HR topics.

You have access to an HR expert that can provide guidance on any HR topic area.

This application is an excellent one-stop-shop tool for any multi-state employers.

– Deborah M, Senior Benefits Specialist

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Legal Updates

Vermont has passed a new pay transparency bill aimed at promoting pay equity and transparency in the workplace. This law requires employers to disclose compensation or compensation

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South Dakota has enacted clarifying language for its laws concerning cannabis in the workplace. Senate Bill 12 provides that employers are not prohibited from: Click here to

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Minnesota has added a new qualifying reason for eligible employees to take leave under the state’s Earned Sick and Safe Time law. Employees may now take such

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⚡️ Handbook Upload Feature ⚡️

With our new Handbook Upload feature, you can upload your handbook and the VirgilHR platform will do a comprehensive analysis that identifies missing national and state specific policies. This will provide you with insightful recommendations that will ensure your handbooks are up to date and compliant.