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Streamlined Handbook Creation

Creating and maintaining up to date, compliant employee handbooks is an arduous task, especially for organizations that have employees in multiple states.

The VirgilHR Employee Handbook Builder is a user-friendly solution that takes the complexity out of creating employee handbooks for your organization.

⚡️ With our new Handbook Upload feature, you can upload your handbook and the VirgilHR platform will do a comprehensive analysis that identifies missing national and state specific policies. This will provide you with insightful recommendations that will ensure your handbooks are up to date and compliant.  

Save valuable time and effort by leveraging our Employee Handbook Builder. Our platform offers a collection of pre-built templates that cover the essential policies required for your organization. These templates serve as a solid starting point, allowing you to customize and tailor the content to suit your specific needs, industry, and company culture. Building your employee handbook becomes a straightforward task with our intuitive interface.

This user-friendly feature offers you:


Compliance with Confidence

We continuously update our templates to reflect the latest legal requirements, ensuring that your handbook remains compliant. By using our solution, you can mitigate legal risks and maintain confidence in the accuracy and legality of your policies.


Flexible Customization

Tailor the content to align with your specific requirements by adding, removing, or editing sections as needed. Incorporate your company’s procedures and branding effortlessly, creating a handbook that is truly your own.

Effortless Export and Distribution

Once your employee handbook is ready, our Employee Handbook Builder provides hassle-free export options. Generate and download high-quality Word documents with a single click to distribute to your employees.
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VirgilHR Employee Handbook Builder