VirgilHR_Legal Updates

With our Legal Updates, you can stay informed with timely legal updates that we provide regarding new employment and labor law enactments, amendments, rulings, and policies affecting you and your team’s HR practices. Our in-house legal team tracks these legal changes that impact HR so that you don’t have to.

Our Legal Updates are provided to you via the app and email on a regular basis. Our emails, along with our portal notifications, provide concise information on new laws, regulations, and other pertinent updates related to topics such as changes in minimum wage, paid and unpaid leave, non-compete agreements, pay transparency, marijuana protections, and more.

This feature provides you with:


User Portal Notifications

As a user, you’ll be notified every time our legal team announces a new legal change on a regular basis. Our lawyers will ensure that you’re fully aware and informed of all the legal updates by sending you alerts directly in the app.

Weekly Email Notifications

Beyond just delivering the latest legal updates, our emails bring awareness to how these changes impact your day-to-day operations, empowering you to make informed decisions and navigate legal landscapes seamlessly. Keep pace with the ever-evolving employment and labor laws, make decisions with confidence, and proactively adapt your HR strategies to remain compliant.
Don’t miss out on essential legal insights – start utilizing VirgilHR’s Legal Notifications today.
VirgilHR_Legal Updates