Los Angeles Passes Freelance Worker Protections Ordinance

The Los Angeles Freelance Worker Protections Ordinance, effective now, requires any contract between a hiring entity and a freelance worker valued at $600 or more to be in writing and include:

  • the name, mailing address, phone number, and, if available, email address of both the hiring entity and the freelance worker;
  • an itemization of all services to be provided by the freelance worker, the value of the services to be provided pursuant to the contract, and the rate and method of compensation; and
  • the date by which the hiring entity must pay the contracted compensation or the manner by which such date will be determined.

Under the ordinance, “freelance worker” means an individual natural person, or an entity whose legal and beneficial interests are held entirely and whose work is performed entirely by no more than one individual natural person, hired or engaged as a bona fide independent contractor to perform services for a hiring entity in exchange for compensation.

For more information on the ordinance, click here.