Changes to New Jersey’s Unemployment Compensation Law

On July 31, 2023, amendments made last year to New Jersey’s Unemployment Compensation Law will take effect. 

  • Reporting. Employers must now, upon terminating an employee, send to the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (DLWD) their benefit determination information and a copy of the State-issued Instructions for Claiming Unemployment Benefits (Form BC-10), regardless of whether the terminated employee files a claim for unemployment insurance.
  • Deadlines. Employers must now respond to requests for information from the DLWD within seven days of the request being made, instead of the current 10-day time allotment. Additionally, employers will have seven days after receipt of an initial benefit determination to appeal the determination.
  • Compliance. Employers are now liable for a fine of $500, or 25% of any amount fraudulently withheld, whichever is greater, for willfully failing or refusing to furnish any reports or information required by the Unemployment Compensation Law.

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