Changes to Washington State Paid Sick Leave Law

The state of Washington has made the following changes to its paid sick leave law:

  • Currently, one of the reasons an employee may use sick leave is when the employee’s place of business has been closed by order of a public official for any health-related reason, or when an employee’s child’s school or place of care has been closed for such a reason. The amended law additionally allows the use of sick leave when there is a closure as the result of the declaration of an emergency by a local or state government or agency, or by the federal government.
  • Employees are currently allowed to use sick leave to provide care for a family member. The amended law adds the following to the definition of family member: “any individual who regularly resides in the employee’s home or where the relationship creates an expectation that the employee care for the person, and that individual depends on the employee for care.”

The amended law takes effect January 1, 2025. Click here to access the full text of the enacted bill.