Maryland State Minimum Wage Increased for 2024

The Maryland legislature recently passed the Fair Wage Act of 2023, which amends Section 3-413 of the Maryland Labor and Employment statute to increase the state minimum wage beginning January 1, 2024, from $13.25 to $15.00 per hour for large employers (i.e., those with 15 or more employees), and from $12.80 to $15.00 per hour for small employers (i.e., those with 14 or fewer employees). 

The legislation accelerates the increase to $15.00 per hour, which had previously been scheduled for January 1, 2025 for large employers and January 1, 2026 for small employers.         

According to Maryland governor Wes Moore, the legislation, as part of his effort to end child poverty in the state, will increase wages for approximately 163,000 workers, benefitting 120,000 children in Maryland.

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