Minnesota Requires Pay Transparency in Job Openings

Minnesota employers must soon comply with strict salary disclosure requirements in job postings. Specifically, employers with at least 30 employees at one or more sites in Minnesota must disclose in each posting for each job opening:

  • the starting salary range, and
  • a general description of all of the benefits and other compensation, including but not limited to any health or retirement benefits, to be offered to a hired job applicant.

An employer that does not plan to offer a salary range for a position must list a fixed pay rate. A salary range may not be open ended.

In this context, “posting” means any solicitation intended to recruit job applicants for a specific available position, including recruitment done directly by an employer or indirectly through a third party, and includes any postings made electronically or via printed hard copy, that includes qualifications for desired applicants.

“Salary range” means the minimum and maximum annual salary or hourly range of compensation, based on the employer’s good faith estimate, for a job opportunity of the employer at the time of the posting of an advertisement for such opportunity.

These salary disclosure requirements are effective January 1, 2025.