Texas’ 2024 Deadline for Violence Prevention in Healthcare Facilities

Under Texas Senate Bill 240, now Chapter 331 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, Texas healthcare facilities are required to establish workplace violence prevention policies and plans by September 1, 2024. This requirement underscores the state’s commitment to enhancing the safety and well-being of healthcare workers by systematically addressing the risks of workplace violence. The key aspects of this requirement include:

  • Healthcare facilities must have comprehensive strategies in place by the specified deadline, outlining preventive measures, training programs, and response protocols to effectively manage and mitigate workplace violence​​​​.

  • In the event of workplace violence, these facilities are now obligated to follow clearly defined procedures. This includes immediate support for affected healthcare providers or employees, thorough investigation of incidents, and measures to prevent recurrence. Facilities must also ensure that individuals involved in or witnessing an incident are not discouraged from contacting law enforcement and are protected from any form of retaliation for reporting incidents of workplace violence.