Technology is Failing HR Compliance

As an  HR professional, I’ve worked for high growth tech companies most of my career. Of course, each had its own challenges  – ranging from talent acquisition, to retention, to total reward – but one of the biggest challenges we faced as a multi-state employer was complying with federal, state, and local employment and labor laws. It wasn’t because we weren’t doing our diligence; it’s because there were so many laws to track, especially in our ever-changing landscape. How could one person, or even one team, know all the intricacies of these laws? We were fortunate to have never encountered an employment claim, but we did spend a lot of time and resources ensuring we were compliant with our practices. These practices ranged from leave requests, to terminations, to overtime requirements, to protected classes and reasonable accommodations. Once we started breaking it down to the local level, we were essentially pulling out our hair. We spent so much time on Google and databases; we spent so much money on lawyers. And the options were time consuming, risky, and expensive. My team was pulled away from more strategic areas of the business to focus on administrative tasks. We weren’t getting the information we needed right away, so our HR department was often delayed in action.

Technology is failing HR in the compliance space. We need a new form of automation technology that can help us make decisions quicker with less effort – in a more affordable fashion. For those more junior HR professionals, making compliance decisions with confidence is lacking today, but automated solutions can help. For senior HR professionals, establishing a solution that mitigates risk and liability across the organization can be an enormous component to one’s risk management strategy.

So, maybe it’s time to change our ways of working. We should embrace the future of work and adopt new technologies that will help us, as HR professionals, be more efficient, strategic, and cost conscious, all the while mitigating risk and liability for the business. We can reduce employment claims and ensure employees are receiving the greatest benefits afforded to them under applicable laws. We can make credible, compliant decisions in minutes, rather than hours.

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