December 2023

This past December we have made signifiant improvements to our Handbook Builder to make users’ experience using our product easier and more productive.

Increased Policy Selection

We’ve bolstered our library with 150+ new policies spanning Equal Employment Opportunity, Workplace Safety, Time Off, and more, adding to the hundreds already available and giving users an even richer resource for building comprehensive handbooks.

Some of the policies that have been updated include:

  • Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Benefits in Colorado;
  • Child Extended Bereavement Leave in California
  • Blood and Organ Donation Leave in Illinois;
  • Oregon Leave for Victims of Bias; and
  • Nevada Adds Leave for Victims of Sexual Assault

Local & Industry Specificity

No more generic handbooks! Users can now incorporate location-specific and industry-tailored policies to ensure compliance and align with best practices.

Enhanced Policy Selection Experience

Say goodbye to drag-and-drop complexity! Our revamped interface now features intuitive checkbox-based policy selection, making handbook creation faster and more user-friendly than ever. Simply tick the policies you need, and we’ll do the rest.

Skip the Guessing Game

No more deciphering what’s crucial! “Mandatory” and “Optional” flags make handbook creation a breeze.

Tailor to Perfection

Users can seamlessly craft policies that speak their company’s language with our custom policy creation and editing tools.

Save Time by Downloading Handbooks with All Policies

Now download handbooks with all shortlisted policies.

Skip the Selection, Download Complete

Users can get their handbook fully loaded with all applicable policies in a single click. No more picking and choosing, just immediate access to everything you need, organized according to your specific company and industry.

No More Manual Downloads

With our exciting new Automatic Download feature, handbooks will always be fresh and current, automatically updating policies based on legislative changes at regular intervals and keeping users informed of those changes.