November 2023

We are very excited to share the products updates we made in November!

The Onboarding Module

We are excited to announce our comprehensive Onboarding Module, available now in our smart chatbot feature. The module covers federal, state, and local requirements, and addresses all aspects of the onboarding process, including:

  1. Talent acquisition (including rules and requirements for screening and hiring applicants)
  2. Worker classification (i.e., employee vs. independent contractor)
  3. Employee classification (i.e., exempt vs. non-exempt)
  4. Employee agreements (with restrictive covenants)
  5. Background checks
  6. Worker authorization (i.e., Form I-9 and E-Verify)
  7. New hire documentation and workplace poster requirements
  8. Mandatory training

The module is state-specific (all 50 states and Washington, D.C.), and includes real-time, prescriptive guidance on how to onboard your workers. Users can go through the entire module end-to-end, or pick and choose from among the different steps, à la carte, depending on their specific needs.

We know that the onboarding process can be overwhelming, and that the legal and monetary consequences for erring somewhere along the way can be potentially devastating to any company, big or small. 

We’re happy to help take the work out of onboarding and provide peace of mind by offering HR professionals this easy-to-use, online tool.

Users Can Now Rearrange Policies in Full Screen

To make ordering of policies easier, we have introduced a new feature, Rearrange. You can now view the selected policies in full screen and rearrange them.

We hope you enjoy using this feature and find it helpful when making compliant HR decisions!