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VirgilHR’s Compliance Solution stands as an essential pillar in modern HR management. In a realm where legal landscapes shift relentlessly, our software solution offers a stabilizing force. It empowers HR professionals by automating the intricate process of adhering to a myriad of employment and labor laws.


Compliance Takes Time

In the fast-paced landscape of HR management, professionals find themselves continuously grappling with the intricacies of thousands of federal, state, and local employment and labor laws. This legal tapestry often interweaves and contradicts itself, creating a perplexing challenge.

Regrettably, this ever-evolving legal maze consumes a substantial portion of an HR professional’s time. On average, an astonishing 20% of their workweek is dedicated to navigating these compliance requirements. This leaves precious little time for nurturing essential strategic initiatives that fuel business growth.

The significance of having an HR compliance solution cannot be overstated. Compliance missteps don’t just trigger potential fines; they can also lead to exorbitant legal fees that weigh heavily on an organization’s resources. Recognizing the magnitude of this issue, automation emerges as a beacon of relief.

With a robust HR compliance solution at your disposal, much of this labor-intensive work can now be automated. This transformative tool not only expedites compliance tracking but also provides real-time updates on shifting regulations. By relinquishing the burdensome task of manual compliance management, you’re free to channel your energy and expertise into other pivotal areas that drive organizational success.

Employers in the U.S. spend $5.5 billion per year in workplace litigation costs…

…and in 2021, spent over $4 billion in workplace settlements. The additional time spent handling employment and labor claims not only contributes to the financial strain but also exacerbates the overburdened workloads of HR professionals. This constant juggling of compliance responsibilities, coupled with the demands of addressing claims, further chips away at their already limited time and resources. As a result, the potential for errors and oversights increases, underscoring the critical need for an efficient and comprehensive compliance solution.

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