EEOC Publishes Guidance on Harassment in the Construction Industry

Recently, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued Promising Practices for Preventing Harassment in the Construction Industry. The guidance identifies promising practices for industry leaders to help prevent and address harassment in the construction industry. It recommends that general contractors take on a coordination and leadership role on the construction worksite. The practices discussed in the guidance may assist employers in meeting their legal obligations to maintain harassment-free workplaces and remedy harassment if it arises.

The EEOC has identified five core principles that have generally proven effective in preventing and addressing harassment:

  • Committed and engaged leadership;
  • Consistent and demonstrated accountability;
  • Strong and comprehensive harassment policies;
  • Trusted and accessible complaint procedures; and
  • Regular, interactive training tailored to the audience and the organization.

The guidance applies these core principles to the specific challenges and opportunities in the construction industry. Although the document focuses on construction, many of the promising practices identified may also be helpful in other industries and workplaces.