Executive Order on AI Use Touches on Workers’ Rights

The White House has issued an executive order focused on ensuring the safe, secure, and trustworthy development and utilization of artificial intelligence (AI). 

Generally speaking, the executive order speaks to workers’ rights in connection with artificial intelligence and emphasizes the need for ethical and responsible AI practices in the workplace, promoting fairness, respect for rights, and the well-being of workers while harnessing the potential benefits of AI.

For example, it states that AI should not be used in the workplace if it:

  • violates workers’ rights;
  • worsens job quality;
  • encourages excessive monitoring or surveillance;
  • reduces market competition;
  • creates new health and safety risks; or
  • causes harmful labor-force disruptions.

The order emphasizes the importance of AI in various sectors and national security, and highlights principles such as responsible AI development, transparency, and ethics, with the goal of fostering public trust.