Upcoming Employee Protections in Illinois

In its latest legislative season, Illinois passed multiple bills aimed at enhancing employee benefits, pay transparency, and protections. Here’s a look at these changes and what they mean for employers and employees alike:

Job Pay Transparency Bill

  • Illinois has adopted a pay transparency initiative, following the path of states like New York and California. Effective January 1, 2025, employers with 15 or more employees will need to disclose pay scale and benefits information for job listings based in Illinois or those reporting to an Illinois-based supervisor.
  • This includes a “good faith” estimate or acceptable pay range, benefits descriptions, and even bonuses or stock options. A link to this information can also be provided on a public webpage. Additionally, internal promotional opportunities should be announced to the existing workforce within 14 days of any external job posting.
  • Non-compliance penalties are stiff, starting at $500 for the first offense and escalating to $10,000 for the third, without a chance for rectification.

Enhanced Protection for Grieving Employees

  • The Child Extended Bereavement Leave Act (CEBLA) supplements the Family Bereavement Leave Act (FBLA) and offers six to twelve weeks of unpaid, protected leave for employees grieving the loss of a child due to suicide or homicide. This leave can be taken in segments, completing within a year of notifying the employer.
  • This act will come into force immediately after Governor Pritzker’s anticipated signature by August 16, 2023.

VESSA Extensions

  • The Victims’ Economic Safety and Security Act (VESSA) has been revised to incorporate leave for employees related to family or household members killed due to violent crimes. They are entitled to two weeks of unpaid leave, separate from FBLA provisions.
  • This expanded leave under VESSA will also be effective right after Governor Pritzker’s expected signature by August 16, 2023.

Provisions for Organ Donors

  • The Employee Blood Donation and Organ Donation Leave Act now grants organ donors 10 days of paid leave in a 12-month period. This is in addition to the allowance for blood donation.
  • This regulation will also be promptly enforceable after Governor Pritzker’s anticipated endorsement by August 16, 2023.

Staffing Agency Employers & Client Companies

  • The Day and Temporary Labor Services Act  (DTLSA) has been restructured, leading to equal compensation and benefits for day and temporary laborers working for over 90 days at a client company via a staffing agency. New training requirements, enhanced registration fees, and heightened penalties (up to $18,000 for a first violation) are on the horizon.
  • These changes will take effect soon after Governor Pritzker’s signature, expected by August 15, 2023.